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Cars evacuating on coastal evacuation routes

Lane Reversal Operation Instructions

Should an evacuation of the coastal communities in Atlantic and Cape May Counties be order, a plan exists to utilize the Atlantic City Expressway to facilitate a speedy relocation of the population. The following information is provided to explain the operation and to increase your safety should it be initiated. You are strongly encouraged to follow the all instructions carefully. Instructions will be provided through variable message signs, directional signage, arrow boards, cones and barricades and by personnel in the field. Additionally, important safety information will be available by tuning your radio to 1610 AM.

Upon the approach of a landfall hurricane or other event, effecting southern New Jersey, the following will occur:

1 . A 'state of emergency' will be ordered by the Governor of New Jersey for the timely evacuation of coastal communities due to an impending hurricane.

2. By virtue of the Governor's declaration of an emergency, you will be required by law to immediately evacuate the coastal area when ordered, in order to minimize the risks associated with hurricane conditions.

3. Because most deaths associated from hurricane conditions are a result of drowning, the safest course of action is to move away from the coastal areas where the threat of a storm surge is extremely dangerous to life and property.

4. In order to effectively move large volumes of tourists, vacationers and residents, a plan has been developed that facilitates the movement of vehicles in a westerly direction. This plan calls for the reversal of the Atlantic City Expressway. All available lanes will facilitate the movement of traffic in a westerly direction. Reverse lane exits have been designated and police officers will be directing traffic to assist you along the evacuation route.

5. The map below will be provided for your convenience at the toll plazas. It depicts alternate routes of travel should you find yourself proceeding west along the Atlantic City Expressway. If you are seeking a northern destination, but the traffic flow prevents you from taking your desired route of travel, follow the map. It will direct you to alternate routes to your destination. Please also review the other Atlantic County Evacuation Routes.

The success of the plan heavily depends on you. There are some simple rules that can be followed that will ensure a safe evacuation of thousands of people seeking safety.

a. Be sure to plan your route and have a Place to Go. Click here for more information.

b. Fuel, food and other necessities are available at the Farley Rest Area, located a Mile Post 21 on the Atlantic City Expressway. Stop only if it is absolutely necessary.

c. If your vehicle becomes disabled along the evacuation route, move it off the travel portion of the roadway as soon as possible. For assistance, dial #ACE on your cellular phone or use the nearest available roadside assistance phone located along the Expressway. Note: #ACE should only be used while traveling the Atlantic City Expressway, use your local emergency number or 9-1-1 for emergency assistance along other routes.



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